Angelita is a New Jersey-based Elite Mentorship Trainer, Sound Healer 
and Reiki Master  focusing on a holistic approach to wellness.

My Background
Born and bred in the vibrant heart of The Dominican Republic, my journey has been one of cultural fusion, language mastery, and unwavering dedication to service. When I arrived in the United States, I saw an opportunity to conquer a new language, which became the key that unlocked my dreams.

While my time in the US Army filled me with immense pride as I protected the land that provided me with boundless opportunities, my true passion lies in empowering and uplifting women who have endured childhood trauma, abuse, and adversity.

For years, I struggled with the limitations of not having the necessary tools to make a significant impact. But that has changed. Today, armed with a comprehensive holistic program, I guide individuals on a transformative journey through the Gold standard of Self Development Programs: the "Elite Mentorship Forum" (EMF). This six-month program delves deep into your personal experiences, fostering personal responsibility, self-care, and unlocking your highest potential. Tangible Transformation and proven results backed by science. For my clients that aren't ready for a 6 month commitment, We offer various holistic programs to help you reach your goals as well. 

In addition, I am proud to be a facilitator for the Life Changing Energy certification program, offering comprehensive in-person certifications such as Sound Healing. Our program is accredited by The Complementary Medical Association (CMA), ensuring that our curriculum meets rigorous educational standards and that you are investing in a program recognized for its professional and ethical contributions to the field of complementary medicine. By choosing our in-person certification, you'll gain the confidence of receiving personalized guidance, asking questions in real-time, and receiving constructive feedback on your practice. With this approach, you'll feel more assured in your ability to provide the best possible support to your clients.

My approach is multifaceted, blending the healing power of aromatherapy, the resonance of sound healing, and the ancient practice of Reiki. Together, these modalities create a space where emotions find release, old patterns dissolve, and newfound possibilities emerge.

I stand as a beacon of compassion, a guide who illuminates the path towards healing and self-discovery. Join me in this transformative journey, where together, we carve a future defined not by past scars, but by the limitless potential that resides within.

Get your POWER back and live the life you LOVE

"The "universe" brought EMF into my life at a time when I was truly, utterly lost. I was an empty nester and had no idea of my favorite book, not even my favorite color. I saw myself as alone, incapable of pursuing the lifestyle I knew I had the skillset to make a reality, and my biggest disappointment in myself was just EXISTING and not living up to my potential.

EMF allowed me to deeply explore how the world actually works, my beliefs, the overwhelmingly negative labels I had assigned to myself, how to let go of childhood trauma plus so much more. EMF also led me to a beautiful new family where I could share my hurts and disappointments in a safe and loving environment. I became fantastic friends with Angelita and I learned how to be grateful for my life.

If you are serious about committing the needed time to do the exercises and truly "work" on yourself (it is work and you ARE worth it) then the EMF program will likely lead you to a path where you find a new you to love as I did!"

Linda Heileman, Texas

Are you ready to change your life?