By addressing the unique needs of professionals  
who want to experience balance, Freedom, abundance,
consistency and happiness. I aim to guide you toward healing, 
empowerment, and unlocking your highest potential 
in both your personal and professional life.
Here's How I Can Help
Here's How The Elite Mentorship Forum or the Sound-Aroma Therapy Sessions Will Help You

  • BY Incorporating sound therapy with crystals and essential oils, I can offer additional healing practices that complement traditional methods, aiding in your emotional well-being and promoting overall balance.

  • BY focusing on sustainable long-term personal growth, providing tools and strategies that you can continue to use even after completing the program.

  • By addressing the unique needs of professional women who have experienced trauma or abuse, I aim to guide you towards healing, empowerment, and unlocking your highest potential in both your personal and professional life.
Get your POWER back and start living a life you LOVE today!

© Angelita M Fanas

Copyright Angelita M Fanas